Hiring a Professional for my website.

With working on my website I have learned somethings about WordPress, although, I am still having some problems with mailchimp and the news signup so I will send my e-mails and newsletters by e-mail till I get things right with mailchimp and News sign up. I have decided to hire a profession in web design in helping me get my website up and going well and helping me understand the WordPress program as well. The woman in which I have decided to hire cannot get to my website ill after the first week of December which is perfect for both of us because here in November i will be paying off my home and in December I will have the extra money to pay her, she has been the cheapest ive seen o far at only 650.00 for completely doing my website for me. So if things go well my website will be in great shape where all the blogs and e-mails will go through as I write them up with no problems. Yours truly chad.