September Newsletter 2016

this  year has already went by fast and  I finally completed my 1st mystery, 2nd book called Lucas Whitney and the Inconspicuous Deaths; I got the Final manuscript back from my editor the other day and now im just waiting  for the  book covers so that I can put it on Amazon to sell. While waiting for my covers I have started my 3rd book which is a war/comedy kinda like the  TV show Hogan’s Heroes and this book ill take me a while to write for I have never  wrote a comedy yet lol. Here after i complete and put my war/comedy book  on Amazon to sell I will be starting my 2nd book of my Lucas Whitney series. As of right now i will be advertising and promoting my website and work on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn, if anyone could help me with advertising and marketing I’m all ears I have a hard time just trying to get an interview from our local newspaper and i cant believe how hard it truly is  in an Indie Author to get noticed in this  world. My book Lucas Whitney and the Inconspicuous Deaths will be for sale in both kindle and paperback versions and hoping to get my book covers from my editor within the next 2 or 3 weeks. My other book Epilepsy and the Epileptic is for sale now on Amazon in both paperback and  kindle edition and it is all about the medical disability of epilepsy  and what a person with epilepsy has to go through  with it within their lives.


April 2016 Newsletter.

Here about 9 weeks ago I  completed my 1st mystery novel “Lucas Whitney and the Inconspicuous Deaths” and as of  right now it is my editor’s hands, I am hoping  that I will have it  on Amazon for sale by May. I have  been sick  for the last 7  weeks and I am finally feeling better and getting over this virus in which I had  for so long.  After Lucas Whitney and the Inconspicuous Deaths is on Amazon and Kindle  for sale I will be doing  a book signing and a presentation here at our local college after my wife’s surgery here in July.  I am about ready to start off  my 1st Thriller/Horror book , although, I am not sure exactly on what I will write about  for this book but  I will be exploring many different options  and many different plots. This book will  take  me a while  to write  and getting started in writing my 1st  thriller/horror  book  will be hard  for  me to get things really going, although once i get a good plot started  then things will go with the flow.  My book of Lucas Whitney and the Inconspicuous Deaths” seems as  it was much easier for me  to come up with a plot then this thriller horror  book will be.  The only books in which I have written so far is Epilepsy and the Epileptic and Lucas Whitney and the  Inconspicuous Deaths, my book Epilepsy and the Epileptic it seemed as not many  people were  interested in the subject of epilepsy; so yes I am not a famous author  like Stephen King or J.K Rowling but I love to write and I am hoping that everyone loves my new mystery. I have been self publishing through creeatespace  for but I am looking for a publisher that would be  willing to look at my  work in where I could get my work/books into the stores to sell.  I am  just hoping with  time that I will get known as an author where the public reconizes me. Also, my website is  for anyone who wishes to look at my website or commet on any of  my blogs. I am also willing to take any suggestions for topic of a thriller/horror book or  any suggestions on marketing to get my name out there more. Yours truly, Chad Cathey.

Febuary 2016 newsletter- What’s been happening, been busy.

I have been very busy for the last month, I have completed my 1st mystery book called “Lucas  Whitney and the Inconspicuous Deaths” and it is now in my editor’s hands and she is working on the book now I am hoping that it will be on Amazon  for sale by beginning of April. I have also been volunteering  my time at the Elk’s Loge 1603 in which I am a member of in making dinners for the lodge. Here this month I will start writing my 1st thriller/horror book, not sure on what i will write  for it through it will take a little time in getting a good plot started since it is my first thriller/horror book.  I have also  hired a website designer to upgrade my website and she has done a great job on it.

If things go right  here this spring probably  April I will be doing  my  first book signing promotion here in my town of Bishop California and this is when my mystery comes out on publication. I will also start doing UTube videos  to post  on my website and on twitter as well probably  here sometime this month February.  Once I get going my thriller/horror book I will keep everyone informed. Also i  just wanted to thank all of my faithful  followers, I am just so sorry I have been so busy.

The Fall of Babylon

As of now , the United States citizens seem angry and in fear of both ISIS and Muslims, But ISIS and Muslims terrorists are just the beginning of it all of what is yet to come. President Obama and the church leaders  have been keeping a secret from the public for they do not want the public in fear of what is to come and the church leaders are willing to take  this secret  to they’re graves; but it really isn’t a secret for the Holy bible explains everything to the tee and Obama is taking it  step by step as the bible says  it and he may not even know it. Some people that there  will not be a 45th president and that Obama will be the United States last President and  will not  even finish his 2nd term. As of now the 16 establishments of the federal government are already getting things set up for World War III.

Right  now if you want to accept it or not we are in our last days as the bible explains. Have you  every seen the name of our country  The United States or America mentioned in the Holy Bible? In the Old Testament  the Ancient Babylon is spoken on  and the Ancient Babylon to us now is  and was known as the country Iraq. Babylon  mentioned in the New Testament also known as the Mystery Babylon in the bible  is actually known to us  these days  as of The United States of America  in Which Babylon (The United States of America) is also  known  in the book of Revelation as “The great Whore which sits upon many waters” , this is because  of her many fornication’s  upon  God Almighty and upon the Lamb. John  speaks of the Fall of Babylon  in the book of Revelation as well. How far  do you believe we are before the Fall of Babylon? As of now I believe that  we are very close where the seven angels are about to release they’re seven vials upon the face of the earth.

Right now with everyone worrying about ISIS and all the Muslim refugees  coming throughout all the countries to get to America it seems as no one can truly see of what is about to come unto Babylon. Now there are four evangelists that speak on the last days and these  are John the apostle, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Zechariah and  even Danial  speaks unto the last days as well.   It says  in the  bible that during the last days that the King of the North of Jerusalem and the King of the South of Jerusalem shall go to war with one another. Russia  is the country north of Jerusalem and the United States is the country south of Jerusalem. So here during our last days before the fall of Babylon and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ  the lamb of God  Putin and Obama shall  go to war  with one another. Putin  already has  a secret weapon  which is known as an Electro -Magnetic Pulse and he has many of them in which he will  release upon the United  States and when doing so the military of the United States will be unable  to defend itself and before  Putin puts the first EMP on the United States it is suspected that Obama  will launch the first code for nuclear war and start WW III.  Although after Putin  puts his EMP’s on  The United States then the united States will be unable to  do anything, all electricity  and all we know and use we will not be able to use any longer. Once World War III  and the fall of Babylon starts Putin ill start destroying the United States (Babylon) and then the seven angels will start the pouring out  of they’re seven vials  upon the earth  and one the  fall of Babylon  has finished te saints shall rejoice.

Cannabis – The New Trend in Controlling Epileptic Seizures.

Cannabis has been here on the earth since the beginning of time. It has been said that cannabis  has been used for different types of sickness from the time of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble all the way through the time of Christ and through the 1800’s A.D. The different types of sickness cannabis has been used for in the past is for headaches, muscle and body pain, colds and flu’s and fevers as well; until it was classified illegal  in the United States and Canada in the 1920’s.

In the 1920’s the United States made cannabis illegal for all types of uses  because they thought that cannabis was a poison  and later classified it a drug. After the United States declared Cannabis illegal Canada did the very same thing  of making  the plant illegal. Now drugs are  actually man made not naturally made and as far as I am concerned  cannabis is a plant and should not be classified Illegal. people  have been  smoking cannabis regularly  for thousands of years with no true problems and the plant has help save many lives in the past so it shouldn’t be illegal.

Now cannabis has been  known to people in many different names, from  the 1960’s to the present cannabis  has been mostly know in the name of Marijuana, but many people have called it not just Marijuana but pot, and weed as well. Finally, in the year 2011 the state of California of the United States of America legalized Marijuana for medical purposes only; for there were many tests done on it that proved that it helped with arthritis pain, help  with cancer treatments and even controlling epileptic seizures in both children and adults as well; not counting other different types of sickness.

Many neurologists  here in  California have been prescribing medical marijuana for patients with all different types of epilepsy t in controlling different types of seizures, there have been some  children that have had many seizures a day, I heard of one child on the news that was having up to 100 seizures per day until she had  started taking the medical marijuana then her seizures started going down tremendously and now it was the  child  has not had  not one seizure in  a year and a half. Still though the government of the United States still will not legalize  Marijuana  to this day,  they think it is still a drug  even with  over 65% of the people of the United  States demanding it to be made legal and no one in the country trust this government anymore.


Epileptic Seizure Types and Coping with Epilepsy.

I will be explaining  the different types of  epileptic seizures and coping with epilepsy in this article. There are many different types of seizures and they all fit into two categories: generalized and partial seizures. For generalized seizures there are four different types of seizures:Generalized Tonic-Clonic, Myoclonic, Atonic and Absence Seizures. For partial seizures there are two different types of partial seizures, simple partial seizures and complex partial seizures and it is important to know that the complex partial seizures can lead into a generalized tonic-clonic seizure.

Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizures  better known as Grand-mal seizures are the mot common and best known type of generalized seizures. Grand-mal seizures usually last about three minutes  per seizure and most of the  time can re-trigger at at anytime before the first seizure ends, in which can make  the entire seizure episode go into a long amount of time; the longest grand-mal seizure in which I have had lasted a total of 28 minutes long before everything ended.   During a grand-mal seizure the seizure starts with stiffening of the limbs  which is the tonic phase followed by jerking of the limbs and face, making the face interlock which is the clonic phase. A seizure  cannot be stopped it has to go until it has taken  it course, if a seizure is tried to be stopped it could lead the  epileptic  go into a coma. Also, there is no sense in calling 911 if a person  goes into a grand-mal seizure, jut make sure all the  furniture is out of the way  so the person  dopes not hit they’re head, turn the  person on their side, put your hands on they’re rib cage softly  and it could  be either side the left r the right this  will make sure that the tongue will not overlap the air passage  in which the person  could die. Although, it is a  proven fact that a person cannot swallow they’re tongue but the  tongue can  overlap the air passage that will kill  the person while they are having the seizure, but it very unlikely of that happening.  With explaining the procedure for when a person has a grand-ml seizure  there is n since in calling  911 for a doctor, nurse or even a EMT cannot help the person  when they are going into a grand-mal seizure so  if 911 is called that person would just have a huge hospital bill and  no help whatsoever.

Myoclonic seizures are rapid, brief contractions of bodily muscles which usually occur  on both sides of the body at the same time. Occasionally, they will involve one arm of one foot. People usually think of them as sudden jerks or clumsiness and these seizures usually last about one minute and first aid a mentioned in grand-mal seizures is not needed.

Atonic seizures produce an abrupt loss of muscle tone. Other names for atonic seizures include: drop attacks, static or Akinetic seizures. These types of seizures produce head drops, loss of posture or sudden collapse and without warning. People  that have these types of seizures drop with force which can result in head or face injury, also head gear is required for people that have thee types of seizures.

Now there is Absence seizures better known as petit-mal seizures, these seizures usually last about  60 seconds and the person is back to what they were  doing right after the seizure. These seizures consist of  lapses of awareness, eye fluttering, automatism’s such as lip smacking, picking at clothes and fumbling.

Now I will speak on partial seizures, during a partial seizure electric disturbance is limited  to a specific on one side of the brain. There  are two types of partial seizures, simple and complex as mentioned before. Simple partial seizures last about 90 seconds and the symptoms include: loss of consciousness, sudden jerking with sensory phenomena and possible transient weakness or loss of sensation. Complex partial  seizures are a little more complicated than simple partial seizures, complex partial seizures usually last between  one to two minutes long per seizure and can re-trigger just as a grand-mal seizure can. The person has automatism’s such as lip smacking,  picking at clothes, or fumbling and the person will not be ware of their environment and as a result may wander, experience amnesia for seizure events and mild or moderate confusion and sleepiness. Now these seizures come in come in degree patterns  first degree, second degree and third degree in third degree being the worst of the  three stage degrees. Also, the third  degree partial seizures can be just as frightening as a grand-mal can be, although,  one of these third degree seizures  can lead into a grand-mal seizure as well. Third degree partial seizures last bout 2-3 minutes unless another one kicks in, during my third degree partial seizures i know of when one starts, when it ends, when another  kicks in and when it ends as well and am completely conscious during the entire seizure with my neck stiffened up where  i cannot move it at any point and  of my  eyes wandering in every direction as well until the seizure stops completely.

With so many people not knowing anything about epilepsy and  when one of their  family members or friends finds out they have epilepsy it can be hard to  for that person to cope with their family member or  friend  going into a seizure right in front of them. It is best for the person  that knows nothing about epilepsy and see’s their friend or family member  goes into a seizure to try and remain relaxed and  later  learn more about epilepsy so that they need  not be afraid of the  epileptic seizure, the person having the seizure  or epilepsy itself.  that is why i  wrote my book “Epilepsy and the Epileptic” to teach the general public of the world of what epilepsy is, what goes with  it, the procedures to treat  the epilepsy, epilepsy and pregnancy and even the different epilepsy surgeries; not counting of what a person with  epilepsy has to go through within they’re life with having it and having to live with it daily.