Epilepsy and The Epileptic

Epilepsy and The Epileptic
Genre: Non-Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Year: 2014
Length: 118 pages
ASIN: 1500200158
ISBN: 9781500200152

This book is about Epilepsy of what it is and the things that go with it and what a person that has epilepsy has to go through within their daily lives with having to live with it, the part of the epileptic is a mini-biography on myself with having epilepsy and the viewpoint of what epilepsy is from the patient's perspective.

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About the Book

This book “Epilepsy and the Epileptic” I have written to help the Public understand of what epilepsy is and the things that go with it, even with of what a person that has epilepsy goes through their daily lives with having to live with it. There are millions of people that have epilepsy, but there are many more millions even into the billions that know evidently nothing of it at all and are in fear of it and the person that has it as well; which is not right and I want the public to understand of what epilepsy is so that they fear it no longer.

In the first five chapters of this book I explain of the eleven different forms of epilepsy, the diagnosing of epilepsy and seizures, explain of what each seizure does and represents, the different medications used to control each type of seizure with their side effects, and the other two types of controlling seizures which are the Ketogenic Diet which is usually used for children with epilepsy and Vagus Nerve Stimulation as well. Then later we get to the different types of surgeries that help in curing and controlling epilepsy as well and there these different types of surgeries I explain to the best of my knowledge. Finally there is Pregnancy and epilepsy and in this portion I explain the different things that goes with pregnancy and epilepsy, although, usually it is always up to the epileptic’s neurologist and obgyn doctor.

In the second part of this book I explain of what parents go through with finding out that their child is epileptic, what a child with the disability of epilepsy has to go through within their daily lives in elementary school years, middle school, and even high school. Also I speak on what an adult has to go through with having this disability of epilepsy during their early years of life as in finding work and the basics of living. Then, I go into the chapter of finding love, in finding the love of their lives and then a person’s new life after marriage and children. This 2nd part of this book is a mini-biography of what I had to go through within my life with having epilepsy and I have had epilepsy now for the last 47 years.

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