April 2016 Newsletter.

Here about 9 weeks ago I  completed my 1st mystery novel “Lucas Whitney and the Inconspicuous Deaths” and as of  right now it is my editor’s hands, I am hoping  that I will have it  on Amazon for sale by May. I have  been sick  for the last 7  weeks and I am finally feeling better and getting over this virus in which I had  for so long.  After Lucas Whitney and the Inconspicuous Deaths is on Amazon and Kindle  for sale I will be doing  a book signing and a presentation here at our local college after my wife’s surgery here in July.  I am about ready to start off  my 1st Thriller/Horror book , although, I am not sure exactly on what I will write about  for this book but  I will be exploring many different options  and many different plots. This book will  take  me a while  to write  and getting started in writing my 1st  thriller/horror  book  will be hard  for  me to get things really going, although once i get a good plot started  then things will go with the flow.  My book of Lucas Whitney and the Inconspicuous Deaths” seems as  it was much easier for me  to come up with a plot then this thriller horror  book will be.  The only books in which I have written so far is Epilepsy and the Epileptic and Lucas Whitney and the  Inconspicuous Deaths, my book Epilepsy and the Epileptic it seemed as not many  people were  interested in the subject of epilepsy; so yes I am not a famous author  like Stephen King or J.K Rowling but I love to write and I am hoping that everyone loves my new mystery. I have been self publishing through creeatespace  for Amazon.com but I am looking for a publisher that would be  willing to look at my  work in where I could get my work/books into the stores to sell.  I am  just hoping with  time that I will get known as an author where the public reconizes me. Also, my website is www.authorchadcathey.com  for anyone who wishes to look at my website or commet on any of  my blogs. I am also willing to take any suggestions for topic of a thriller/horror book or  any suggestions on marketing to get my name out there more. Yours truly, Chad Cathey.


Male , Born 8/29/1968, adopted at 6 months old, raised in Ridgecrest California and born with the disability of epilepsy. Had both petit-mal and Grand-mal seizures until the age of 46 years of age then I started having 3rd degree partial seizures instead of Grand-mal seizure and petit-mal as well.

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