The Fall of Babylon

As of now , the United States citizens seem angry and in fear of both ISIS and Muslims, But ISIS and Muslims terrorists are just the beginning of it all of what is yet to come. President Obama and the church leaders  have been keeping a secret from the public for they do not want the public in fear of what is to come and the church leaders are willing to take  this secret  to they’re graves; but it really isn’t a secret for the Holy bible explains everything to the tee and Obama is taking it  step by step as the bible says  it and he may not even know it. Some people that there  will not be a 45th president and that Obama will be the United States last President and  will not  even finish his 2nd term. As of now the 16 establishments of the federal government are already getting things set up for World War III.

Right  now if you want to accept it or not we are in our last days as the bible explains. Have you  every seen the name of our country  The United States or America mentioned in the Holy Bible? In the Old Testament  the Ancient Babylon is spoken on  and the Ancient Babylon to us now is  and was known as the country Iraq. Babylon  mentioned in the New Testament also known as the Mystery Babylon in the bible  is actually known to us  these days  as of The United States of America  in Which Babylon (The United States of America) is also  known  in the book of Revelation as “The great Whore which sits upon many waters” , this is because  of her many fornication’s  upon  God Almighty and upon the Lamb. John  speaks of the Fall of Babylon  in the book of Revelation as well. How far  do you believe we are before the Fall of Babylon? As of now I believe that  we are very close where the seven angels are about to release they’re seven vials upon the face of the earth.

Right now with everyone worrying about ISIS and all the Muslim refugees  coming throughout all the countries to get to America it seems as no one can truly see of what is about to come unto Babylon. Now there are four evangelists that speak on the last days and these  are John the apostle, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Zechariah and  even Danial  speaks unto the last days as well.   It says  in the  bible that during the last days that the King of the North of Jerusalem and the King of the South of Jerusalem shall go to war with one another. Russia  is the country north of Jerusalem and the United States is the country south of Jerusalem. So here during our last days before the fall of Babylon and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ  the lamb of God  Putin and Obama shall  go to war  with one another. Putin  already has  a secret weapon  which is known as an Electro -Magnetic Pulse and he has many of them in which he will  release upon the United  States and when doing so the military of the United States will be unable  to defend itself and before  Putin puts the first EMP on the United States it is suspected that Obama  will launch the first code for nuclear war and start WW III.  Although after Putin  puts his EMP’s on  The United States then the united States will be unable to  do anything, all electricity  and all we know and use we will not be able to use any longer. Once World War III  and the fall of Babylon starts Putin ill start destroying the United States (Babylon) and then the seven angels will start the pouring out  of they’re seven vials  upon the earth  and one the  fall of Babylon  has finished te saints shall rejoice.


Male , Born 8/29/1968, adopted at 6 months old, raised in Ridgecrest California and born with the disability of epilepsy. Had both petit-mal and Grand-mal seizures until the age of 46 years of age then I started having 3rd degree partial seizures instead of Grand-mal seizure and petit-mal as well.

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