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I have already created my website which still is in the beginning stages, it isn’t perfect yet but i am working on it and I will be hiring a website designer here in December to make sure everything is working correctly, set up correctly and where the website looks very good. What is nice it will only cost me 650.00 to hire my web designer to do my website for me. When the website designer gets finished with my website the front page will have a place to click on a link to go to my blogs, books and even about the author page to start things off not counting the sidebar listings as well. Now this is the first website in which I have created and first author platform I have created. Now with me creating my author platform I am willing to take any suggestions in anyone may have, the book in which I am writing is called Build your author platform which is a 14 step program in creating an author platform. As of now I have some subscribers, but have not got any comments on any of my blogs yet, it makes me feel as no one really cares or isn’t interested in me. In my second book in which my editor has the manuscript now of “Lucas Whitney and the Inconspicuous Deaths” the book is based like a Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson book except it is based in Holland in the year 1897 where there have been many murders commented in four separate towns of Holland and the Holland Investigation Services have to hire Lucas Whitney and Dr. Jenkins in helping them find the killers of these people for they are all confused of the each of the autopsy reports in which was filed for each of the murders that were committed. I plan on doing a series of books about Lucas Whitney and Dr. Jenkins, about eight to ten books or so, before moving on to something different. Chad Cathy. (Author of Epilepsy and the Epileptic).


Male , Born 8/29/1968, adopted at 6 months old, raised in Ridgecrest California and born with the disability of epilepsy. Had both petit-mal and Grand-mal seizures until the age of 46 years of age then I started having 3rd degree partial seizures instead of Grand-mal seizure and petit-mal as well.

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