Q&A – Life, Epilepsy and Writing

At the age of three years old my mother had finally found out of what was wrong with me besides my perfection and insanity, she had found out that I had the disability of epilepsy. I have had seizures since birth and after my mother had adopted me at six months old she had no idea hat was wrong with me until the age of three years old. With having epilepsy all my life and everything in which I have went though in having it. I finally decided to write a book on Epilepsy to let the public know of what epilepsy was, what went with it, the different forms of epilepsy , the different types of seizures, the different items to control epileptic seizures including the anti-epileptic drugs with their side effects and of what types of seizures they control , pregnancy and epilepsy and most of all, the different types of surgeries for epilepsy; the book is called “Epilepsy and the Epileptic”. I got interested in writing after I read all of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book series, all seven books. My book Epilepsy and the Epileptic is on Amazon right now for sale, had to self publish it for I do not have a true publisher and self publishing it was the only way I could get my book on the market. I have had many trials and tribulations in my life due from my epilepsy. After getting completed with my first book I went to my Facebook account and asked all of my Facebook friends and teammates of what type of book I should write net for I wanted to continue writing, I gave five different choices that i wold write on and 92% of them said they wanted a mystery; So I started in writing my 1st mystery. Took a while to get things all set up for me to write up my first mystery but I have just completed it and it is now in my editor’s hands now; the name of the book is called “Lucas Whitney and the Inconspicuous Deaths” and as it looks I will need to self- publish this book as well. Please everyone feel free to post any questions in which you may have and any comments in which you have as well.


Male , Born 8/29/1968, adopted at 6 months old, raised in Ridgecrest California and born with the disability of epilepsy. Had both petit-mal and Grand-mal seizures until the age of 46 years of age then I started having 3rd degree partial seizures instead of Grand-mal seizure and petit-mal as well.

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