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As I said in the blog Q &A – Life, Epilepsy and Writing my adopted mother truly did not find out about me having epilepsy until I was three years old even with me having Grand-Mal seizures from the time she had adopted me at 6 months old; it wasn’t until she took me into the Emergency room from having a seizure that the ER doctor seen me go into another seizure and told my mother that I had epilepsy. It is said that over 82% of the people of the world today know either nothing or very little about the disability of epilepsy, even the parents that have children with the disability. Many people that have epilepsy have had a hard time in many different things throughout their life; for instance, children with epilepsy usually have a learning disability to go with it. Besides a learning disability there are other difficulties that an epileptic goes though within their life. Many epileptics such as myself have had trouble in finding or making friends during their school years not counting the problems in finding work. With so many people in fear of epilepsy and people that have the disability people with epilepsy have trouble in finding a job and keeping it, once an employer hires a person with epilepsy everything seems to go fine until the person that has epilepsy goes unto one of they’re seizures; then the employer makes up a reason to fire the epileptic from their job, even if the epileptic has done a great work at they’re job. Before it is all over with the epileptic usually goes on SSI or Social Security Disability just to survive month by month. Throughout the years I have seen this happen to others that have epilepsy as well as myself. With me going through the problems of employment through my teenage years I had a hard time with keeping employment so once i turned 16 years old I started my own window washing business and stayed in business for 25 years before I moved to Bishop California where there were three other window washing businesses besides my own, so after few years I quit the business. With so many people scared of the disability of epilepsy, seizures and people with epilepsy that is the reason I wrote the my first book “Epilepsy and the Epileptic”, too explain to the world of what epilepsy is, the different forms of epilepsy , the different types of seizures there were including what each one does and represents, the procedures to control the seizures, including the anti-epileptic drugs with they’re side effects, the Ketogenic Diet and the Vagus Nerve Stimulation as well as epilepsy surgeries, pregnancy and epilepsy and a mini-bio of my life with epilepsy. With me not being a famous author like Stephen King, I have just created this website, am starting to create my author platform and am looking for followers/ readers for I wish to know of what the people want and like. My second book “Lucas Whitney and the Inconspicuous Deaths” is my first mystery novel of a series of Lucas Whitney books in which I plan on writing. Lucas Whitney and the Inconspicuous Deaths is like a Sherlock Holmes mystery, although it is based in Holland in the year 1897 with Lucas Whitney as the Private Investigator and Dr. Jenkins as his partner. In this book their has been many murders that have been committed in four different towns of Holland and the Holland Investigation Services hire Lucas Whitney and Dr. Jenkins in helping them solve each of these murders that have been committed in each of the towns for Lucas Whitney has been know as the greatest Private Investigator in all of Holland.


Male , Born 8/29/1968, adopted at 6 months old, raised in Ridgecrest California and born with the disability of epilepsy. Had both petit-mal and Grand-mal seizures until the age of 46 years of age then I started having 3rd degree partial seizures instead of Grand-mal seizure and petit-mal as well.

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